IoT: Beyond the Buzzword


This webinar will dive into the significance of IoT and how the Data-Driven Insight collected from devices will both propel new business ventures and force existing, established businesses to rethink their existing strategy, service lines, and business models. In addition, we’ll explore how these insights will enable your organization to take Action at a Distance, with little or no human intervention – redefining efficiency and productivity for your organization.
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The automotive sector provides an example of how HPE is helping OEMs deploy value-added services such as advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and accelerate the path to IoT data monetization.


Learn From Real-World IoT Experience and Related Best Practices


Learn best practices from organizations who have experience implementing the Internet of Things (IoT). In this complimentary webinar, we reveal a mix of recent high-impact Gartner IoT Strategic Planning Assumptions (predictions), and key findings and advice from our 3rd Annual IoT Implementation Survey.
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Recorded Webinar Smarter Solar Monitoring: Improving Reliability with Cellular Communication

Aeris Communications

Increased penetration of solar around the globe has increased the need for effective monitoring solutions. Reliability of these systems is imperative to ensure that system owners are able to monetize all energy output and maximize up-time. Cellular M2M communications is one such method of ensuring reliable data and performance.
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Securing Edge to Cloud Connectivity


Experts predict 26 billion or more sensors and devices will be connected to the internet by 2020. A challenge for the IoT is connecting all these sensors, devices, endpoints in a cost-effective and secure way. Enterprises need to know how to securely connect legacy industrial systems and new mesh networks to cloud-side applications in order to interpret the data in a meaningful way. Similarly, enterprises need to know how to need to be able to aggregate, convert and normalize data from all the disparate protocols.
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Narrow Band IoT in Industrial Environments

Deutsche Telekom IoT/M2M

Dominik Schieders, Deutsche Telekom at the Solutions World Congress, Barcelona. For more information please choose one of the following platforms
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