IoT, Blockchain and Healthcare: Are we Ready?

Humanized Internet

With the Internet of Things and applications such as wearable personal health trackers, we are becoming more the center of our active care management. The issues of privacy and security are foundational to the safety of our healthcare data. What is the possible function of blockchain, in our healthcare industry given the numerous players such as insurance, physicians, pharmaceuticals, researchers and above all the patient where transactions such as medical care records; drug trial results may be transacted immutably on a public ledger or perhaps a ledger that is hybrid, public-private? The speaker will articulate blockchain use cases that may be considered for application in the healthcare industry. There is work in progress in this space of healthcare and blockchain, however, what must be pivotal in the discussion is that the patient remain the center of this dynamically changing universe. Education will be critical and an opportunity for this industry!
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New research from the Ponemon Institute and risk assurance body Shared Assesments reveals a high level of concern among organizations about the security of IoT, yet a gap in understanding of how to mitigate and communicate the risks, especially as it relates to third parties.


The Dynamic Collaboration of Carriers and the Enterprise with In-Building Wireless

RCR Wireless News

Successful organizations today are leveraging technology for strategic advantage to improve business outcomes. New opportunities are being created through digitization and the establishment of smart buildings which are not only intelligent but fully connected. Enterprises find themselves connecting more devices, people, and processes. Telecommunication network infrastructure, as a result, has become the fourth utility – crucial to not only the everyday operation of the business but also tied to driving business objectives.
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Industrial IoT Briefing

CB Insights

Startups are linking sensors to machinery, laying down technical infrastructure and cloud services, and helping companies spin data into useful insights on the backend.
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Securing the Internet of Unnecessary Things

Infosecurity Magazine

At the beginning of January, the annual CES show demonstrated the internet-connected capabilities of devices as diverse as hairbrushes, beds and massage chairs. While it is fun to live in the space age, it remains the case that security and encryption capabilities are rarely considered during the development of such products.
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2019 Trends – Software and IoT Monetization


With a new year come new expectations for your business. Technology companies strive to innovate, grow customer satisfaction, implement new revenue models and get ahead of their competition. Technology company CTOs and CMOs need to work together on digital transformation initiatives, to modernize how their firms build, manage, secure and monetize their software and IoT products.
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