IoT Devices Can Kill and What Chip Makers Need to Do Now


IoT devices are at growing risk – smart home appliances, vehicles and medical devices are hacked every day. Connected products are vulnerable to physical probing, network interception, reverse engineering and other attack vectors.
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Zebra's partner, Inchz IoT, shares how RFID technology can make a difference in your business; giving real-time updates to your inventory and sales status.


Antenna Design and Placement


As the quantity of antennas increases with the growing number of interconnected smart devices in the Internet of Things, optimizing their placement to minimize interference is more and more important. Protecting communications between devices from outsiders trying to intercept your data is another concern, which can be handled by encryption. ANSYS HFSS is a highly automated and collaborative wireless design solution that is ideal for designing optimized and secure IoT devices, wearable electronics, 5G, UAVs, automotive radar and more. Learn about the latest advances in ANSYS HFSS for antenna design and placement in wireless systems. New features include antenna synthesis, design and processing; encrypted 3-D components with patent-pending hidden and encrypted design; and new high frequency solvers for antenna placement and radio frequency interference (RFI) diagnosis. Discover how ANSYS HFSS delivers the simulation features you need to create reliable, optimized systems, 10x faster than your competition.
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TIA IoT White Paper Results: Enterprise Taking a Big Piece of IoT

InterDigital Communications

A recent TIA whitepaper, co-sponsored by InterDigital and Telit and researched by Machina Research, revealed that IoT is set to make up almost half of IT budgets by 2020. In this video panel, Jim Nolan, Executive Vice President, IoT Solutions, InterDigital; Fred Yentz, CEO of Telit IoT Platforms; and Ken Figuredo, Consultant at More with Mobile; joined TIA Now’s Abe Nejad to discuss this statistic among other findings from this survey.
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Exploring the benefits of IoT with Digital Transformation


In this webinar, Kurt Kelley will demonstrate the benefits of embracing the IoT as part of the digital transformation strategy with the potential to produce bottom-line results through additional revenue, increased efficiencies, and new business models.
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Authentication for the Internet of Things

As IoT finds widespread applicability, organizations will need to carefully evaluate and streamline methods for device identity and authentication.
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