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This webcast analyzes how ease of use and interoperability impact the adoption rate of connected products and looks at the new ways companies are addressing ease of use and interoperability across converging ecosystems to create a seamless experience for consumers. But interoperability with a broader ecosystem of products and services can add significant value as well. Appliances are unique in that interoperability may drive more value that stand-alone capabilities. By considering the appliance as part of an overall process in which the product is used, more comprehensive or whole product solutions can be developed.
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What are the challenges we will have to face during Internet of Things (IoT) devices testing and how to deal with it?
Some examples hardware-software problems,threats to data security and scalability and operations.


Best Practices for IoT Prototyping

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As a small team, building a service based around wireless sensors can be a daunting task. IoT products specifically can be fraught with distractions in the early days: decisions around what wireless link; what embedded processor; and what cloud and device management service can complicate things for even the most-experienced technical founders. Small teams getting a product to market must be disciplined and focus on solving problems core to their value proposition.
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Best Practices for IoT Security and Privacy

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This webcast examines best practices in IoT data security and privacy and how companies are addressing these challenges to create and secure value for their customers. According to Parks Associates, almost half of consumers rank privacy as their greatest concern about connecting devices to the Internet and 40% report having experienced some kind of privacy or security problem with a connected device in the past year. At the same time, adoption of IoT devices and services is accelerating as stakeholders discover new approaches in overcoming privacy and security challenges.
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The Kaa engineering team is working hard to continually improve Kaa with new features and capabilities requested by our community. On this webinar, we will introduce you to our upcoming, feature-packed release – Kaa 0.9.0. This release greatly enhances the device management capabilities of the Kaa IoT Platform. Now you have an ability to generate, provision and revoke endpoint credentials outside the SDK as well as verify them on the server side.
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Arm-based custom SoC design for IoT using the Cadence Cloud


The internet of things (IoT) is growing exponentially, with low-power devices being connected across our homes, cities and industrial environments. IoT solutions providers of all sizes are taking advantage of custom system-on-chip (SoC) design to reduce their materials cost, area and power.
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