IoT Panel Webcast - Best Practices and Avoiding Pitfalls for IoT Development


Applications for Internet of Things (IoT) are exploding in virtually every marketplace and industry. For many experienced development organizations, IoT has a "dangerous" familiarity to embedded systems development. However, challenges involving cloud services, mobile applications, embedded sensors, and internet transports are derailing many implementations which add expense and development time to correct. Join us as our panel of IoT experts discuss best practices and common pitfalls that can help keep your IoT rollout on-time and within budget.
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Watch Bill Zujewski, Axeda CMO, give an overview of the value of M2M and the Internet of Things including a discussion of M2M metrics and the business case for investing in M2M technologies.


IoT Online Forum: Managing Complexity in the Internet of Things

IoT Now Magazine

The Internet of Things is changing everything. From the way you start your day, to the way products are manufactured and cities operate their services. Machines all around you will collect data, share it with each other, and use it to recommend and even make decisions along the way.
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How to Build IoT solutions Quickly & Easily

Microsoft Azure IoT

Are you interested in building innovative IoT solutions to help your company improve efficiencies or create new revenue opportunities – but not sure where to start? Whether you’re an app developer, cloud developer or just looking for your next moonlighting project, come learn about the nuts and bolts of Azure IoT development from the experts. In this webinar, presented by Olivier Bloch, Sr. Program Manager for Azure IoT at Microsoft, you will learn: How to get started using Azure IoT Hub, IoT Starter Kits and SDKs. How to connect your first devices to Azure IoT Hub. How to manage devices at scale with IoT Hub device management.
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IoT 2.0 – Sensor Innovation Moves From “Smart” to “Intelligent”


Sensors are crucial to making technology natural, intuitive, and immersive for humans. Sensors are also the foundational elements needed to help evolve many different application areas, particularly in the Internet of Things (IoT) market. In this Pre-Conference Symposium, we will explore how this technology is applied to specific sub-vertical domains in the IoT space, specifically examining how the sensors are enabling the evolution from “smart” systems to becoming “intelligent” systems. Some of the sub-verticals that will be examined are: wearables, smart buildings, and automotive. This Webinar provides a sneak preview of the full-day Pre-Conference Symposium that will be taking place at this year's Sensors Expo in San Jose. Attendees of this webinar will explore the impact to consumer spending and retail markets, and how other companies can capitalize on the trend to develop more “intelligent” systems.
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AI & IoT at the cutting edge - when to move intelligence to the cloud and closer to the action

ADLINK Technology

Operational intelligence does not come just by connecting machines; it requires advanced analytics to sort the data and recommend a course of action. Many critical use cases at the edge can’t wait for the cloud. Instead, they demand insights and decisioning at the source, where the data is generated.
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