IoT Security webinar

TrapX Security

Watch Start-Up Nation Central webinar on IoT Security. Meet three leading Israeli IoT Security companies, and take a closer look at what makes the Israeli tech ecosystem unique.
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Azure Blob Storage on IoT Edge is a light-weight Azure Consistent module which provides local Block blob storage.


IoT Security Automation for Connected Surveillance Cameras.

Device Authority

The DDoS attack carried out by hackers using tens of millions of unprotected IoT devices has presented what security pros have known for a long time: IoT devices are vulnerable to attacks. In this attack, millions of webcams were unknowingly recruited to conduct the attack on major ISPs. Many of these webcams are now being recalled.
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IoT Gives Birth to the New Supply Chain Agenda


An explosion in applications for RFID and telemetry has made cold chain management, fleet management, and asset tracking commonplace. Now these basic technologies are being combined with Big Data analytics to give rise to supply mega-chains and direct-to-customer fulfillment. Join ORBCOMM’s Ashish Chona, Senior Vice President of IoT Software Solutions, for this free webinar hosted by the IMC, which will highlight IoT and M2M case studies that stress ROI and other KPI’s to illustrate the state-of-the art in supply chain management.
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Internet of Things: Dealmaking

The Deal

By next year, nearly 6.5 billion objects ranging from light bulbs to medical devices in operating rooms will be connected to networks. By 2020, Gartner projects that objects inhabiting the Internet of Things are expected to grow to 20.8 million. Cisco is more bullish, suggesting that 50 billion devices will be connected to the Internet by 2020. The IoT is driving growth and M&A in sectors from telecom, software groups, device makers and others. Obtaining data from networked devices was behind IBM’s acquisition of Weather Co., which tracks information from 50,000 airplane flights per day and connects with 150,000 personal weather stations via its Weather Underground site. IBM hopes to capitalize on weather information with its Watson artificial intelligence operation.
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IEEE IoT Webinar: Internet of Things, Architecture and Standards Q&A


This webinar presented by IEEE IoT expert Oleg Logvinov, discussed IEEE P2413 – Standard for an Architectural Framework for the Internet of Things. Oleg is Chair, IEEE P2413 Standard for an Architectural Framework for the Internet of Things Working Group, and Director of Special Assignments in STMicroelectronics’ Industrial & Power Conversion Division.
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