Marrying IoT and Unified Communications


The Internet of Things has made it possible for businesses to automate tasks across machines, streamlining processes and improving efficiency. To get a more responsive customer experience, the next step in IoT will be joining the automation benefits of IoT infrastructure with the ease of accessibility of unified communications (UC) and collaboration tools.
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Node.js Goes Mainstream in the Enterprise...


The Intelligent Edge - The Next Frontier of IoT Innovation

Momenta Partners

Momenta Partners and guests to took a deeper look the emergence of Edge, mobile edge, and fog computing and the challenge to solve the pain points of IoT data. With the explosion of Internet-connected devices that help us make sense of our world through data collection and analytics, we’re seeing a distributed model emerge with the rise of edge and mobile edge computing.
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Implement Intelligent Manufacturing with IoT


Intelligent Manufacturing with IoT: Learn about transformation in manufacturing from predictive maintenance, smarter plant floors, machine learning, drones, data visualization and more.
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Safety, Security & Privacy in the Interconnected World of IT, OT & IIoT


If you manage OT systems, watch this webinar on demand and improve your ability to manage converged systems. Hear new research findings from Ponemon Institute. Hear the top concerns — and best approaches — for functional safety, cybersecurity and data privacy when there is a convergence of IT, operational technology (OT), and industrial internet of things (IIoT).
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Connecting the Unconnected with AWS IoT


AWS IoT is a new managed service that enables Internet-connected things (sensors, actuators, devices, and applications) to easily and securely interact with each other and the Cloud. In this webinar, we showcased why IoT is shaping the future of our daily lives and how AWS allows you to manage thousands of devices or WebSockets, how to set up the Rules Engine and process streams of events in a Serverless fashion.
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