On Demand Webinar: How Mobile, IoT and Big Data are Scaling Smart Agriculture


The mobile industry plays a key role in connecting IoT sensors and bringing different sources of data together. A new generation of IoT services is being created by utilising rich data sets from mobile operators and other relevant sources, helping the market to scale. A key example of how this works today is the development of smart agriculture. Join us for this webinar on connected agriculture in practice. Mobile operators and key industry partners will present their solutions, achievements and future plans in this area.
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F&F, Tesco’s clothing brand, is using the Internet of Everything to build relationships with customers and increase engagement.


Engineering the Industrial Internet of Things (IOT)


Industrial IOT is estimated to generate $15 trillion in global GDP by 2030. By leveraging industrial connectivity, automation, and data-driven analysis, industrial IOT enables the convergence of virtual and real worlds - also known as cyber-physical systems. The convergence of virtual and real worlds gives engineers and decision makers the ability to consider complete solutions, but also adds complexity in system design. Engineering simulation is a critical success factor for industrial IOT, facilitating development of cyber-physical systems. In this presentation, IHS Global experts will discuss industrial IOT trends, challenges, and opportunities. In addition, attendees will discover best practices for designing industrial IOT solutions using ANSYS engineering simulation.
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Webinar: The Impact of GDPR on Data Security in the Internet of Things (IoT)


If you're wondering how GDPR will affect you/your IoT business and/or how you can easily implement solutions to protect data to comply with GDPR, this webinar will be ideal for you.
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Startups and Investors in the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things will benefit from new technologies and applications at every level, from complex, embedded systems to those consumers directly interact with in everyday life. The IEEE Standards Association and IEEE Internet of Things Initiative are fostering this environment of innovation with a series of IoT Startup events.
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Cutting Through the Hyperbole: What the IoT Really Means for Enterprise Cyber Security

Infosecurity Magazine

From the hacking of cars and planes, to the security of Wi-Fi enabled kettles, the Internet of Things has the potential to cause a myriad of cybersecurity risks. But what is the real level of risk to enterprises.
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