Our IoT webinar series continues: Industrial IoT edge gateway


We’re into our third webinar in our IoT series with a focus on Industrial IoT edge gateway. The next session will focus on The Convergence of Information and Operational Technology . We’ll deep dive into why this is a key benefit to IoT and how to use this convergence as a way to build a new generation of integrated digital supply chains which are the base of Industry 4.0.
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The Internet of Things and how it’s shaping technology careers is the focus of the next CompTIA IT Professional Webinar Series, presented by CompTIA, the IT industry association.
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The Age of IoT is Here – Managing the Risks and Benefits

One of the major challenges that many organizations and managed security services routinely face is that the sources, numbers and types of attacks being generated are increasing exponentially. When you add the growing unknowns associated with the Internet of Things (IoT...
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Internet of Things (IoT) and Red Hat - how these fit together

Red Hat

how to connect Things to the Internet, no just a Things a millions of Things, in secure, scalable and efficient manner. How to read and react on data from different devices, and how to create autonomous devices and allow them to take an autonomous decision.
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The Critical Role of Enterprise IT in IoT Deployment

HARMAN International

Successfully deploying Internet of Things (IoT) projects and generating economic value requires synergy between the operations technology (OT) and information technology (IT) departments within an enterprise. While OT focusses on making sure their high risk, mission critical operating assets are up and running in an efficient manner, IT has to face the twin challenges of security and data management. IoT solutions rely on IT whether deployed in a factory, an operating room, a city intersection, an oil rig or a retail shelf. A vital element of the OT/IT convergence is the realization that with the advent of IoT the datacenter is literally and figuratively moving to the edge. How an enterprise manages, secures, captures and stores its IoT data is key.
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