Privacy, Society and the Internet of Things

O’Reilly Media

This webcast will explore how the Internet of Things implicates privacy and, by extension, what it means for society. Listeners will take away:
a sense of what is meant by the 'Internet of Things,' which does not have an agreed-upon definition
a better sense of the nature of 'privacy' in a modern context
an exploration of historical privacy concerns leading to an understanding of what is different today
a broad discussion of how society, regulation and technology interrelate and interact
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How IoT will change our life


The IoT is an essential component of our daily life and business strategies. The time to act is now: tune to watch the RomeLab path for Watson Internet of Things and cognitive computing.
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MQTT and Internet of Things (IoT)


The Internet of Things (IoT), the collection of millions of physical devices connected to a network to merge the digital with the physical, is estimated to have billions of devices in the next few years. This webinar will explore one of the key unifying protocols which enable the sensor to share information with the cloud. It is a very lightweight messaging protocol which meets the needs of most IoT related communications. The protocol is mature, with the first use over a decade ago.
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Recorded Webinar Smarter Solar Monitoring: Improving Reliability with Cellular Communication

Aeris Communications

Increased penetration of solar around the globe has increased the need for effective monitoring solutions. Reliability of these systems is imperative to ensure that system owners are able to monetize all energy output and maximize up-time. Cellular M2M communications is one such method of ensuring reliable data and performance.
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Panel: IoT Empowering Digital Transformation with Cloud Security

Palo Alto Networks

To catalyse digital transformation, business and IT leaders are embracing the Internet of Things (IoT). The IoT is empowering businesses and consumers to connect to the Cloud, applications, and services. Most importantly - to handle the deluge of data they collect, consume, and analyse. In this context, the role of Cloud security and actionable intelligence is highly significant.
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