The Future of IIoT - Smart City, Utility and Telecom Convergence

RCR Wireless News

Networked devices are at the heart of building smarter cities. Connecting a smart phone to the Internet is one thing, but connecting an industrial asset—like a transformer or a stop light—is another. The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and the connection among industrial devices are critical to making Smart Cities a reality, but connecting industrial assets is complex when dealing with multiple industries, standards, protocols and interests.
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At IoT Asia 2016, we spoke to Ms Lesly Goh, Director of Advanced Analytics at Microsoft who was one of the speakers at the Smart Cities conference track...


Cybersecurity Best Practices for IT/OT Networks

Moxa Inc

As more Industrial Control Networks become connected to enterprise networks and even the Internet, security continues to be a rising concern. These converged IT/OT networks introduce security vulnerabilities and challenges that operations managers are still learning to deal with. In this webinar, we share the most common cybersecurity issues with IT/OT networks, and the practical tips and best practices that have been developed to counter them.
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Tax Research for the Future: An Exclusive First Look at Checkpoint Edge

Checkpoint Edge, the most intelligent tax research platform ever, gives you fast, accurate answers from a more fluid and intuitive user experience built to incorporate the latest in artificial intelligence. View the webinar for an exclusive look at how Checkpoint Edge can help researchers be more efficient, responsive, and confi
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IoT and the Edge Panel Discussion


As IoT continues to mature, as the amount of information being generated increases, companies must find better and more automated ways to process it. Sending everything to the cloud can increase costs associated with data delivery and processing.
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HFS Research

This groundbreaking webinar brought together a diverse panel of early leaders in IoT to share their experiences and insights into what it means to be innovative with IoT.
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