Every enterprise has multiple requirements for LTE across the WAN, including fixed locations, mobile locations, M2M/IoT, and for business continuity.
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The analysts at IDC believe the Internet of Things (IoT) will encompass nearly. All those devices will create an unprecedented amount of data—data that needs to be...


Succeeding in Digitalization with the Power of a 5-dimension Digital Maturity Model

Huawei Technologies

Digital transformation remains a hot topic in the communications industry and beyond. However, the lack of a collective company focus or multidimensional integrated effort can lead to wasted time, money and effort. By leveraging a digital maturity model, companies can develop outcome-oriented roadmaps, with measurable achievement milestones. This, combined with professional services capabilities, will help improve customer experience and revenues.
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mart Cities: Analyzing the Opportunities & Threats for Telcos

InterDigital, Inc

Despite all the hype over the Internet of Things, consumer-based IoT applications have not exactly captured the public’s imagination yet. But IoT is already making a notable impact in the smart buildings area as industrial applications begin to curry favor with both large cities and real estate developers.
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Hadoop Manufacturing Innovation & IoT

Teradata, Hortonworks

The advent of connected manufacturing has ushered in an era where low-cost machine sensors take thousands of measurements per second at many points across the manufacturing process. This stream of sensor data enables manufacturers to quickly detect emerging anomalies and solve issues before they impact yield and quality. Big Data insights enable predictive analytics for those rapid, proactive process adjustments. Manufacturers can capitalize on this opportunity by following an approach that combines the power of Teradata with Hortonworks Data Platform’s storage and compute efficiencies at extreme scale. Working together, our technologies enable big data insights that can dramatically improve existing manufacturing processes.
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Internet of Things - Evaluating the business case


This webinar, through case studies and advanced thinking, looks at the business case for IoT on the grid.Benefits to the network separating perceived and real benefits.Unseen opportunities looking within and around the grid.Impacts on network and asset management resilience. Question for Tamara: if the Ulitity companies see IoT as disruptive and their role changing in the future, can we imagine Utility companies becoming Service Provides and offering Enterainment, E-Mail, Voice and other services to the private homes? The have access to the homes for Smart Meters and Elecritic/ gas or Water Meter.
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