Trends in GovTech and Smart Cities

CB Insights

2016 saw a number of notable moves in the smart cities and GovTech space including the merger of Granicus and GovDelivery under Vista Equity Partners, emerging initiatives including Alphabet's Sidewalk Labs and Y Combinator's New Cities, as well as investments to startups including Mark43, LiveStories and Veniam.
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Learn how AWS IoT SiteWise can help you collect, structure, and search IoT data from industrial equipment at scale.


CMS Commercial Law Group - The internet of things

CMS Belgium

The CMS Commercial Law Group is delighted to invite you to the first webinar in the series of 2015. We will be discussing the opportunities and challenges presented by the increasing use of internet-connected “smart” devices. Although the 'Internet of Things' can provide everyday benefits to consumers, there are also new concerns around data protection and digital security.The webinar will be introduced by Juan Crosby, one of our TMC experts in the UK. If you would like to attend, all you have to do is follow the instructions to register. The registration process is simple; then, to join the webinar all you need is access to a computer, the internet and a phone.
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Integrating the IoT and Cultural Heritage in the Smart City

InterCall Solutions

Achieving smartness in cities through IoT is difficult because it requires integration of different technologies, processes, and administrative domains but, even more challenging, it requires the ability to see the city as a large complex system. As well, a city is largely characterized by its cultural heritage that makes it different from any other city. To quantify and leverage cultural heritage within the large context of a multidisciplinary effort of IoT deployments is a huge challenge.
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Internet of Things, the Future of Energy Management

Ayla Networks

The Internet of Things (IoT) is changing how we interact with and manage resources across industries, and this could not be more evident than in energy management. The ability to control and monitor devices remotely is providing everyone, from everyday consumers to commercial building managers, with greater control and insight into the environments around them. Data that was once thought to be inaccessible is now enriching our knowledge of how we interact with the world around us, allowing manufacturers and service providers to create not only better products, but better tools to manage our most vital resources.
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2019 Trends – Software and IoT Monetization


With a new year come new expectations for your business. Technology companies strive to innovate, grow customer satisfaction, implement new revenue models and get ahead of their competition. Technology company CTOs and CMOs need to work together on digital transformation initiatives, to modernize how their firms build, manage, secure and monetize their software and IoT products.
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