Using IoT and Machine Learning for Asset Management

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When small production platforms have backup equipment sitting around unused for long periods of time, it often leads to mechanical equipment failures that can cripple production for days or weeks on end.  Thankfully, there’s help in the form of new technology.  IOT and machine learning can be used to predict mechanical failures with enough lead time to get new equipment on-site before failure to eliminate unnecessary shut-in, and the ability to do this starts at the data layer.
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How IoT & Blockchain will reinvent business


HackerEarth is pleased to announce its next webinar on IBM Watson, to help you learn from the best programmers and domain experts from all over the world.
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Rethinking the Database in the IoT Era

The internet has evolved from a human-centric client-server based architecture to one where humans and assets (or things) are equal stakeholders. Do our databases, middleware, and client applications still stand up? In this talk, Gilmore outlines the unique challenges of data operations and analytics in the IoT environment, examines how human and machine interactions drive architecture and deployment, and identifies where we could work to improve our data strategies to fully leverage the IoT opportunity.
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Reinventing Broadband: The Rise of Fixed-Wireless Access

Sometimes it takes a new formula to deliver a next-level 5G Home Internet experience. For fixed-wireless access (FWA), it takes a fast and reliable network that can deliver the experience that consumers expect at home. It requires in-home FWA solutions that consumers can easily install and use. And finally, since Wi-Fi is the technology that connects most devices in the home today, the Wi-Fi must be spot on.
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Is Your 5G Network Ready for Industrial IoT? Key Factors to Consider to Meet the Demands of Industry 4.0.

The 5G standards were designed for use in Industry 4.0 applications and includes a number of enhancements for Industrial IoT both in terms of the number of devices supported, power requirements and the support for delay sensitive applications.
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