WEBINAR: Mobilize The Internet Of Things


The internet of things (IoT) helps produce business benefits through the extraction of insights from connected objects and the delivery of feature-rich connected products. The IoT forces the manager to acquaint herself with the implications of mobility in the IoT context for connectivity, security, compliance with privacy and other regulations, as well as data management for mobility. This webinar provides advice and insights to anticipate mobile particularities in the context of planning for and implementing IoT solutions.
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NYC IoT Special Session for IoT Developers, sponsored by Relayr.io at Quirky, NYC - September 17 2014


Marrying IoT and Unified Communications


The Internet of Things has made it possible for businesses to automate tasks across machines, streamlining processes and improving efficiency. To get a more responsive customer experience, the next step in IoT will be joining the automation benefits of IoT infrastructure with the ease of accessibility of unified communications (UC) and collaboration tools.
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What Matters When Securing IoT

What IT security principles can you re-use and in what areas do you need to build up new expertiseWhat are the common security issues in IoT that you must deal with.
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9 IoT Predictions for 2019

IoT-Egypt Forum

By 2020, the Internet of Things (IoT) is predicted to generate an additional $344B in revenues, as well as to drive $177B in cost reductions. IoT and smart devices are already increasing performance metrics of major US-based factories. They are in the hands of employees, covering routine management issues and boosting their productivity by 40-60%. The following list of 9 predictions explores the state of IoT in 2019 and covering IoT impact on many aspects of business and technology including Digital Transformation, Blockchain, AI, and 5G.
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Intro to Microsoft Azure's Internet of Things (IoT)


There are far more devices connected to the internet than there are people in the world and that number is projected to grow dramatically in the coming years. Whether you're an individual hobbyist or an enterprise developer.
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