What Are the Challenges for Cloud in the IoT Era?

There is a great adoption of cloud technologies by companies, and there is an exponential growing demand for digital services. What are the greatest challenges (that aren't solved yet) that come along with this and how will they change the future cloud? In this two minute interview David is going to share his thoughts in regards to cloud, IoT and what challenges dominate these two areas
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Rob Gremley, PTC EVP Technology Platforms, speaks with Accenture and shares perspective on the the value of the Internet of Things for the Aerospace and Defense industry.


How Connecting Devices and Data Can Transform an Industry

ThingWorx, a PTC Technology

McKinsey Global Institute has said the Internet of Things and the applications associated will be one of the most disruptive technologies of our time, advancing our quality of life, lifestyle, business, and the global economy. In this webcast, you will hear how the IoT is transforming one industry in particular, agriculture, and how it may have the power to resolve resource crises worldwide. In this webinar replay, Lance Donny, CEO of OnFarm, discusses how OnFarm is enabling their growers to make educated, real-time decisions about their crops, land, farming devices, and materials leveraging the Internet of Things and the ThingWorx platform.

Enhancing oneM2M platform with semantics, why does it matter?


This webcast addresses how the oneM2M platform is enhanced with semantic capabilities to ensure cross-domain interoperability between IoT devices and applications at the level of communication and data. The semantic vision of IoT: from data to intelligence. •Data interoperability and generic interworking in oneM2M. •The oneM2M base ontology: concepts, properties and relationships. •How to map the base ontology with external ontologies. •How to instantiate oneM2M resources according to the base ontology. •Towards semantic discovery and advanced reasoning in oneM2M.

Creating IoT Analytics Solutions with the Vitria IoT Analytics Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS)

Vitria Technology, Inc.

We recently completed our webinar on our IoT Analytics PaaS offering. Our CTO & Co-founder Dale Skeen and Senior Product Manager June Zheng described how the platform creates business value and conducted a demonstration of key capabilities.

Enrich your manufactured goods with connected services

Orange Business Svcs

Manufacturers estimate that 50% of their products will be smart and connected by 2020. Are you one of them? Follow our webinar and hear Emmanuel Bricard, CIO of e.l.m. leblanc (Bosch Group) share his success story on connected boilers and Markus Meukel, VP IoT at McKinsey&Company highlight the key IoT trends in the manufacturing sector.