What IoT Is Doing for the Electrical Industry ... and What It Can Do for You


oin Tom Cunningham of Legrand for a quick examination of the IoT and how its increasing demand is affecting the electrical industry. Dive into trends and buzzwords, while exploring the impact of popular voice assistants like Alexa and Google to better understand the recent evolution of smart lighting devices. Lastly, this training will help translate the implications of the IoT into real future opportunities for you, as smarter electrical wiring devices become mainstream.
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ORBInnovations are an IoT startup developing wearable technology to prevent misdiagnosed head injuries and improve the performance of athletes and sports players through providing previously unobtainable performance and health metrics.


IoT for Track & Trace, with Google Cloud and Maps (Cloud Next '18)


At Google Cloud Next 2018, our CEO Eric Conn discussed common transportation and asset tracking use cases and challenges. Watch this breakout session with Fraser Macdonald, Product Manager at Google Cloud, to discover how Google Cloud IoT, Google Maps, and WAN technologies such as LoRa and cellular come together to create scalable track and trace solutions.
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Automation + Cloud = Big Benefits from Industrial IoT

Industry Week

If you’re a manufacturer, OEM, or in a process industry, the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) can help you boost your production efficiency, quality, flexibility, and visibility to higher levels than ever, while responding to customer requests and market opportunities much faster.
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Lessons from Customers: Implementing IoT Projects with Maximum Success


This free 1-hour webinar from GigaOm Research brings together leading minds in the Internet of Things (IoT), featuring GigaOm analyst Andrew Brust, joined by guests from IoT powerhouse Hitachi Vantara, which now includes the team behind Pentaho Data Integration and Analytics. The roundtable discussion will focus on the results of a comprehensive IoT research survey conducted by Gigaom Research and commissioned by Hitachi Vantara.
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Defending IoT Threats in the Enterprise

Pwnie Express

In the rush to deploy and reap the benefits of IoT, enterprise security pros are now presented with a new challenge less secure or unpatchable devices touching the network with expanded wireless connections. While IoT systems benefit enterprises with new capabilities, the technology also presents financial, safety and other risks.
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