What’s right and wrong with the Internet of Things?

IoT- now

This will be a wide-ranging discussion that invites critical analysis of what the industry needs to do to make the Internet of Things more accessible to all industries, more cost-effective, and leaner in operations. Enterprise users say they want IoT solutions to be deployed more simply, quickly and cheaply. (Only 29% of companies surveyed by Vodafone in 2017 have adopted an IoT solution.) So how does the industry achieve this? What are the Next Steps to 2020 and beyond for the Internet of Things?
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The Internet of Things predictions and forecast


IoT In Action Vision AI


Join Microsoft’s IoT In Action webinar series to learn more about the AI Camera by eInfochips™, a Microsoft Azure IoT starter kit that works with the Azure Machine Learning service to enable you to build, train and deploy AI models to the intelligent edge. This project is a collaboration
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The New Frontier: How IoT is Changing Business As We Know It

Cisco Jasper

The Internet of Things (IoT) is empowering businesses with unprecedented ways to serve customers, rapidly solve problems, and optimize operations. Using IoT, savvy companies are transforming their products to enable the delivery of connected services that deliver new customer experiences and unlock new sources of revenue. From enabling leaders in agribusiness to increase crop yields, to amplifying connected car innovation, Cisco Jasper Control Center cloud platform powers more than 5,000 companies in dozens of industries. Leveraging learnings from a decade of IoT experience, we’ll look at how real-world businesses are using IoT innovation to capture their share of this multi-billion-dollar opportunity.
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Scaling your Industrial IoT Securely


You’ve read the numbers about how billions of devices will be connected and how the analytics and intelligence derived will empower decision makers like never before. But have you considered just what is involved in transitioning a project from early prototype stages to full scale industrial production levels.
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Forecasting 2018: An insider’s look to the future of IoT

Aeris Communications

With IoT still experiencing growing pains, predicting its future can be guesswork at best. Join us for this January 16 webinar where IoT subject matter experts peer into the crystal ball and expand on some of their IoT visions for the near future. Moderated by Christina Richards, VP, Global Marketing, Aeris, this webinar will present viewpoints, discuss upcoming IoT directions, innovations, and challenges, and enable audience participation via a Q&A session. All is possible at this future-leaning webinar. Here are a few tidbits.
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