Why the IoT Needs Upgradable Security

Silicon Labs

In this webinar, Lars Lydersen, senior director of product security at Silicon Labs, delves into the historical data of how adversary capability has evolved, and discusses how these can be extrapolated into the future. This understanding gives a necessary background to evaluate what security functionality is necessary in an IoT design. Even with advanced security functionality, there will always be unknown unknowns, and it will be necessary to secure against attacks and adversaries of the future.
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While the IoT has shown incredible promise within the corporate and consumer environment, the true value of the IoT can be found in the industrial space, which has aptly become known as the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).


Overcoming the cellular IoT security challenge: How to deliver scalable and secure IoT

Aeris Communications

Join our Aeris webinar as we share lessons learned and best practices garnered by more than two decades of experience serving millions of IoT devices on cellular networks worldwide. This webinar will provide valuable knowledge on the following Top 5 security challenges that organizations need to overcome to build and scale a secured connected solution.
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Webinar on IoT – Edge Computing


HackerEarth is pleased to announce its next webinar on IoT – Edge Computing, to help you learn from the best programmers and domain experts from all over the world.
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Will your new IoT device break your business?

Security is one of the biggest factors holding back deployment and adoption of IoT, and one of the most difficult to overcome. Get it wrong and you can undermine trust in your brand for years to come. Then there’s ‘Secure by Design’ (SbD); the UK is set to be the first country to enshrine it in law, with standards in other territories such as the EU and US also aligned to it.
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Overcoming complexity – the race to deliver scalable, secure IoT

It is now a well-publicized fact that the IoT predictions from several years ago have completely missed their mark, and arguably are the biggest technology prediction miss in history. Complexity caused by siloed technology stacks and a fragmented mobile network landscape are heralded as the key reasons that have held IoT back.
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