Qualcomm Wireless Academy: Industrial IoT and 5G Private Networks

September 13, 2022

With the use of 5G private networks, which are dedicated 5G networks designed and deployed for the use of a single enterprise for their specific operational requirements, businesses can experience enormous performance benefits in throughput, latency, reliability, and more. These connectivity benefits are especially well suited for Industrial IoT applications in factory settings.



RFID is a field where new developments appear constantly. Each innovation can make some new application possible and practical.


Visibility, security and threat intelligence services for unmanaged networks and IoTs

video | May 30, 2022

SAM’s cloud-native security and intelligence solutions for homes and small businesses, protect hundreds of millions of connected devices globally....

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From ketchup to robots - Microsoft’s industrial metaverse is revolutionizing manufacturing

video | May 27, 2022

Kawasaki Heavy Industries has signed on as a new client for Microsoft's "industrial metaverse". The Japanese multinational is a manufacturer of motorcycles, engines, heavy equipment, aerospace, and defense equipment, rolling stock and ships. Know what’s this "industrial metaverse" all about in this video by Kalkine media....

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Digital Transformation in the Beverage Manufacturing and Bottling

video | September 5, 2022

Check out how F&B plant uses #IIoT to overcome the challenges of unplanned downtime and take charge of data-driven decision making with predictive maintenance. As packaging lines carry variety of old and new machines, many aren’t designed to share data. The solution demanded retrofitting of hardware and custom dashboards to visualize multiple lines and machines....

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Georgia-Pacific | Optimizing the Supply Chain with Analytics and IoT

video | May 11, 2022

Early in the COVID-19 pandemic, when people started stockpiling toilet paper and other consumer goods, manufacturers faced a barrage of unique challenges. Beyond grappling with how to protect employees from an invisible and mysterious virus, manufacturers had to work out how to meet surging demand while parts of the supply chain crumbled around them....

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