Designing Edge Computing Platforms for the Cloud Generation

Dell Technologies

The distinguished panel of speakers will adopt a workload-centric view of the edge computing (EC) platforms and share key considerations on enabling EC platforms that are at the intersection of traditionally disparate wireline, wireless, IT, CT and OT domains. From the challenges of delivering composite functions and service constructs over an open platform, to leveraging the full power of large community of developers, API catalogues or flexible “a la carte” licensing models, many considerations on economics, implementation and operational aspects (automation) will be shared for applications ranging from Enterprise, to IoT, to Mobile “Edge” and beyond.
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Why LoRA?  Good bandwidth, long range for private networks, good security, great interference resistance.


Kii Webinar - Building your IoT Project in a Snap


In this webinar, IoT experts from Kii discuss the key components needed to build a full stack IoT solution (device, device firmware, cloud back-end and mobile app). From hardware set-up to integrating with other devices and apps via the cloud, see how quickly you can build an entire IoT solution when leveraging the right tools. Complete with open-source code, the project will be available to follow along or continue after the webinar.
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How to turn your IoT data into excellent customer experience

We can no longer say that the Internet of Things is approaching. It is already here. Vast amounts of data are being generated by all sorts of devices. But how can your company convert this data into relevant insights to create excellent customer experiences? In this webinar, Adversitement’s Ronald van Loon will show you the value you can create from IoT-data, using the case of HUE Ambiance, an app that combines human interaction and external data sources to create the perfect personal light scene recommendation..
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How To Visually Develop IoT Applications with AWS IoT Things Graph


AWS IoT Things Graph is a service which enables non-developers to visually create workflows between physical sensors, physical assets and web services to build intelligent networked solutions spanning physical and virtual things. In this tech talk, you will learn how to use prebuilt device abstractions and protocol translators to easily enable interactions between devices, even if they weren’t designed to work together. You'll see how built-in visual editing tools in Things Graph can be used to quickly arrange abstractions and deploy them in the cloud or on edge devices. Things Graph has powerful workflow management to automatically coordinate and track each step of the flow, and we will show you how you can take advantage of this and more.
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Perspectives: When ecosystems collide, innovation explodes

Huawei Technologies

Perspectives is the Forum’s annual deep dive into the global issues and challenges our members and other companies face as they work to build and connect digital ecosystem. This webinar brings together five TM Forum subject matter experts to discuss and answer key questions about emerging trends and how the Forum’s activities and assets can help companies collaborate and partner to create, deliver and monetize innovative digital services. Digitization is not about if or when; the big questions now are how and what. ‘How’ as in figuring how to take advantage of the fantastic benefits of digitization and ‘what’ as in it’s hard for us to foresee what the next big changes will be and how to embrace them. Our most recent issue of Perspectives focuses on exactly that, and this webinar explores the four subject areas covered in the publication in more depth: Smart Cities; Customer Centricity & Data Analytics; Partnerships & the Internet of Everything; and IT Transformation & Virtualization.
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