How to Build IoT solutions Quickly & Easily

Microsoft Azure IoT

Are you interested in building innovative IoT solutions to help your company improve efficiencies or create new revenue opportunities – but not sure where to start? Whether you’re an app developer, cloud developer or just looking for your next moonlighting project, come learn about the nuts and bolts of Azure IoT development from the experts. In this webinar, presented by Olivier Bloch, Sr. Program Manager for Azure IoT at Microsoft, you will learn: How to get started using Azure IoT Hub, IoT Starter Kits and SDKs. How to connect your first devices to Azure IoT Hub. How to manage devices at scale with IoT Hub device management.
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How to get started with the Thingsquare Sensortag IoT kit.


Achieving Seamless VM On-Boarding, High-Performance & Mobility in NFV Infrastructures


Virtual machines, and the VNF applications that run in them, form the core building blocks of Telco cloud infrastructures. As telco cloud service providers prepare to deliver innovative and rapid new services in mobile and IoT-enabled NFV infrastructures.
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Monetizing IoT in Smart Agriculture

151 Advisors

Join Steve Brumer, Partner at 151 Advisors and Mark Young, CTO at Climate Corporation for a 45-minute informative discussion on monetizing IoT in Smart Agriculture. This webinar will focus on the Smart Ag landscape, uses cases, opportunities and how vendors & partners can monetize with IoT. Exploring all the business aspects, connectivity, sensors, big data, platforms, and system integration. Key takeaways will focus on where should you focus your time, energy and efforts within this space and drive revenue.
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How loT is Changing Privacy and Security


The Internet of Things (IoT) has positively exploded into our daily lives. We see IoT devices everywhere, from our workplace to our homes. You know that a technology will become ubiquitous when it makes the headlines and IoT has done that, over and over again. IoT has been slated for worries over surveillance and tracking, as devices like Amazon Echo have attested. However, it can be a technology for good. To make the most of what can be empowering technology, we need to make sure that the technology is optimized to do its job, but not expose our information. But with the IoT, we need to ensure that not just anyone can steal our data. IoT devices generate lots of personal data. They also, generally, are custodians of other Personally Identifiable Information (PII) like name, address, passwords, and even location.
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IOT Testing Challenges Webinar with Jon Hagar


Our special guest and mobile IOT testing expert Jon Hagar shares his thoughts on mobile testing, embedded testing, and IOT testing and how they intersect to form the perfect storm in the coming 4th Industrial Revolution where all businesses become software businesses and security/privacy reach new heights of concern.
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