IoT Technology Platforms Empower Application Solutions

Learn how Arrow enables customers to address big business challenges and start the journey to a digital transformation of their business with advanced tools and services. Arrow’s Distribution capabilities now extend to supporting customers with complete Technology Platforms and Solutions. By aggregating electronics and enterprise computing solutions, Arrow is enabling customers from idea creation through the development of the complete technology stack, creating optimized designs capable of scaling for mass production and full deployment.  Complex designs are supported by Arrow in-house engineering services and system integration, with the design competence to help customers address big business challenges and create easy to use and easy to deploy solutions.
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The key to value creation in the Internet of Things is the model. The model is used by both the app and analytics. It quantifies the value proposition...


The impact of Data Security in the IoT –GDPR, EU-US Privacy Shield & Brexit

Device Authority

During this webinar you will learn about the impact of data security in the IoT with focus on new legal requirements and advice for compliance, including:GDPR, EU-US Privacy Shield (replacing Safe Harbor).

From Utility to Energy Services Company – Fighting Back with New Ideas


Around the world, utilities are in markets that are experiencing advances in digital technology for business and the consumer like the Internet and smart devices. New global giants with deep pockets have decided to enter the utility space. A lot of people are talking about this. We plan to show you real examples of what is happening and what can be done to thrive in this fast changing world. The webinar will also discuss how the utility company of tomorrow will be a new kind of energy company – a producer, gatherer and exchanger of information, products and services that can significantly impact the lives of consumers. Capgemini is fully equipped to help large energy players overcome the current disruptions through deep and complete business transformation. We’ll help them transform from a Utility company to an Energy Services company.

Internet of Things and Big Data: Vision and Concrete Use Cases


Starting with a keynote from the leading industry analysts at Machina Research, this webinar provides an introduction to the vision of using the potential provided by modern Big Data and NoSQL technologies in IoT applications. Three concrete IoT use cases will be discussed and the different requirements highlighted.

Disruption in the Oil Market Supply Chain & Impact on Prices: Genscape's Real-Time Refinery Data on Thomson Reuters' EikonTM

Genscape, Inc.

In August 2015, as news unfolded about the malfunction of a Crude Distillation Unit in BP’s Whiting Refinery, the oil market saw a decrease in crude oil prices and increase in gasoline prices. Thomson Reuters EikonTM users had advanced transparency into this market event via access to Genscape's real-time oil supply data, allowing them to make more informed decisions ahead of any publicly reported news