Optimize Your Infrastructure With Open Technologies in the Industrial IoT

The Industrial Internet of Things is rapidly evolving, both in terms of its business requirements and the enabling technologies needed to improve decision-making and gain competitive advantage. The ideal technical solution should be able to fuse streaming Fast Data coming from IoT devices and sensors with static Big Data about customers and assets.
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Watch a short demo to see how TIBCO Data Science and TIBCO Flogo can be used together to solve the most challenging of IoT use cases.


Data-centric Security Key to Digital Business Success

With the exponential growth of data generation and collection stemming from new business models fueled by Big Data, cloud computing and the Internet of Things.
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Monetizing the IoT:Finding the right monetization model


You already know the IoT represents a huge opportunity. But do you fully understand how to make money as your device business becomes more of a digital business? There are opportunities from the edge to the cloud, in connected and disconnected devices – if you know where to look.
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European Approach to IoT, Privacy, and Ethics with a Global View

InterCall Solutions

Luca Bolognini, President, Italian Institute for Privacy; Founding Partner, ICT Legal Consulting Board, Privacy Flag Sebastien Ziegler, President, IoT Forum and IoT Lab; Director, Mandat International; Vice-Chair IEEE Subcommittee on IoT; ITU Rapporteur on Emerging Technologies for the IoT and Smart Cities.
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IoT Security Automation for Connected Surveillance Cameras.

Device Authority

The DDoS attack carried out by hackers using tens of millions of unprotected IoT devices has presented what security pros have known for a long time: IoT devices are vulnerable to attacks. In this attack, millions of webcams were unknowingly recruited to conduct the attack on major ISPs. Many of these webcams are now being recalled.
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