Powering servers and AI with ultra-efficient IPOL voltage regulators


Powering servers and AI
The technology for applications such as server, communication and storage needs to continuously adapt to new requirements while ensuring energy efficiency. Infineon is committed to respond to these challenging market conditions by introducing its new family of OptiMOS™ 3A - 40A IPOL voltage regulators with superior efficiency to support a wide range of load currents and applications.
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Bob the Builder" meets ARM mbed, analyzed by IBM Internet of Things Foundation in the cloud, at ARM TechCon 2015.


Utilizing Bluetooth LE Connectivity for the IoT and Mesh Applications

Infineon Technologies

Next-generation IoT applications require reliable Bluetooth LE connectivity to establish strong connections with sensor hubs and mobile applications. And with more and more processing being pushed to the edge, this cannot come at the sacrifice of performance.Learn how to get started quickly with copious code examples and documentation for Bluetooth LE data transfer applications.
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ECM and IOT. How to Predict, Quantify, and Mitigate ECM Failure Potential

Aqueous Technologies

Electro-chemical migration (ECM) has become an issue for many assemblers. This webinar will address the current factors influencing ECM-related failure mechanisms and how it affects reliability. Factors that assist in the prediction of ECM will be presented as well as methods to quantify and prevent ECM and other contamination-related failures.
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FD-SOI: An Optimal Technology for Integrated IoT and 5G Designs


As digital-centric scaling pursues solutions in 3D device architectures such as gate-all-around (GAA) transistors, most applications in new leading-edge growth markets such as Edge AI/ML, IoT, automotive and 5G mmWave demand post-bulk processing power and also next-generation analog and RF performance. This webinar is an overview of production-proven fully-depleted silicon-on-insulator (FD-SOI), the only post-bulk planar transistor technology. We will explain and demonstrate how FD-SOI delivers FinFET-like performance, excellent mismatch and noise characteristics and best-in-class Ft and Fmax required for energy-efficient mmWave applications.
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Testing framework for IoT Privacy


Privacy and Data protection are key buzzwords both in India and Europe. The launch of GDPR in EU on 25th May 2018 has created a legal framework where the citizens of EU have their interest protected against the data theft. Similar initiative is taking place in India. With the data protection bill in draft and public comments awaited by 10th September 2018. India is also responding to growing need of privacy and data protection of its citizens.
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