Supercharge Your IoT and M2M Solutions


Gartner forecasts that there will more than 20 billion connected assets by 2020. But how do you take the promise of the Internet of Things and translate it into effective solutions that deliver more value for your customers—all while saving you time and increasing revenue?
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Monetizing the IoT:Finding the right monetization model


You already know the IoT represents a huge opportunity. But do you fully understand how to make money as your device business becomes more of a digital business? There are opportunities from the edge to the cloud, in connected and disconnected devices – if you know where to look.
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Smarter, faster, automated: Your IoT and customer service transformation platform

Having real-time analytics and continuous streams of data, powered by Internet of Things (IoT) technology, enables you to address customer service issues before they impact the service experience and your bottom line.
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How to Beat the Competition to Market with IoT

IoT World Today

For today’s IoT deployments, businesses need to enter the marketplace fast – and often before they are able to fine-tune their solutions. This introduces the need for agile remote device updates to resolve software bugs, close security gaps, and enable and test newly developed features – all on the fly. Today’s IoT solution deployers need to utilize tools, process, and systems that enable this rapid update environment – while keeping operational costs low.
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How IoT is enabling better retail experiences


Developments in connectivity technology offer new opportunities for how and where retail experiences take place.IoT is all about connecting the digital and physical world so that data can be captured, processed and acted on, ideally in real-time and driven by AI. Only by connecting IoT devices like wireless POS, digital kiosks and vending machines that are capturing sales, can retailers connect the physical world.
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